Client list.


LAURA BAER : Vice President Marketing | ThinkTV

Rakesh has done amazing work for me at Corus / YTV: He is very creative, first of all, so I've always been happy with the results (Rakesh has produced a number of interstitials for us as well as producing a mini documentary of a Beyblade event). He's great with details - outlining what we need, what we should do - and he's very easy to work with. Earned confidence, but no Ego :). Rakesh is also very flexible in terms of talent (I've seen some of his other work), so I would happily recommend him for any film / production / commercial project.


COLIN PRICE : Actor @ Oldfield Management / CPRS Executive Recruitment

I had opportunity to work alongside Rakesh on a recent National Commercial campaign, where he was my Director. Simply put - Rakesh is able to connect with you immediately, I found from experience and observation of his interaction with the rest of our Team. He easily creates a synergistic energy onset, that can only produce results creatively and effectively for his project at hand. I look forward to working with him again in the future.


DAVID SUDDABY : Director of Photography

Working with Rakesh is always a pleasure. As an executive producer, he's understanding and sympathetic to the needs of all departments and makes the right judgement calls. As a creative director, he is open to exploring new ideas and listens to all team input before making final decisions. As a director, he comes to set prepped with a concise vision, yet with an open mind to try things differently. It also has to be stated that Rakesh is the most calm, level headed director I have ever worked with which makes the day run that much smoother.


TIM PROGOSH :Government Relations and Board Strategist | Event and Media Producer/ Actor

Rakesh is a joy to work with, not only because he is a dedicated and professional creator and editor, but because he brings his ideas and his personal touch to every job. I've hired Rakesh several times as an editor and story consultant and would not hesitate to hire him or co produce with him on my next project.


SADIA BUTT : Account Director | Brand Strategy.  Corus Entertainment.

One of the most talented Producer/Directors I have worked with in my career, Rakesh produces a creative vision that is the result of his photography, film, and post production roots. He is a pro at communicating with both clients and talent, and has an approachable, collaborative persona that instills confidence in all that work alongside him.


SAMIRA ABUDKAR: Senior Marketing Manager.

Rakesh is the best creative director I have ever worked with in my entire career. He developed many TV campaigns for my brand and his unique set of skills including strategic thinking, results oriented & highly creative approach, professional attitude and collaborative nature helps delivering not only awesome campaigns but great business results. 
I look forward working with him again & wish him success.


CHRISTOPHER CLAPINSON : Owner | Creative Director Oddsox Productions

I've had the sincere pleasure of working with Rakesh on 3 PSA campaigns over the past 3 years. His ability to collaborate and bring a creative vision to life is second to none. Our results have been spectacular - due in no small part to Rakesh's exceptional talents. I can't wait until our next collaboration!