Getting Started with Fashion Photography

Getting Started With Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the most glamorous careers you can pursue. However, getting to the top is anything but glamorous. Getting started in the photography industry itself is quite a challenge. For starters, you need to have your own style ­­– something that sets you apart from the thousands of fashion photographers out there. You will notice as your flip through the pages of Vogue or Elle that each fashion photographer has a certain style that makes them unique. But don’t worry; the following simple steps will help you create your own ideas and get started with fashion photography.

Create Your Visual Narrative

Some of the best photographers are the ones who add a story into their photographs. The way you narrate or portray a story will help you establish your own creative identity and steer you in the right direction as a fashion photographer within the industry. Take time to think about how you can improve in this area by reflecting on your work and where you stand right now. 

Build Your Team 

A fashion photographer does not work without a team, so start looking for people to collaborate with. You can find agencies to work with online by sending them your portfolio of images. Make sure that every shoot has a unique style so that you have new elements to show off. You can also post your work on various social media websites and get responses that way. 

Bring Your Narrative to Life 

The thing you need to do to stand out is to bring your photos to life. This can be done by careful planning and effective communication with your team. A mood board is an important tool you can use to develop and communicate your ideas. You need to convey the message you are trying to send to the stylist, models, assistants, makeup artists, etc., in order to bring your narrative to life.

Understand the Style

Good styling is a part of every fashion photoshoot. It is what sets fashion photography apart from other types of photography. Thus, it is essential that you find the right makeup artists and stylists who will help you achieve your fashion photography goals. You will have to bring your vision in alignment with their skills and work. If you’re just getting started, the best thing to do is learn from the experts. You can learn from the styling techniques used by other fashion photographers such as Steven Klein or David Roemer, who are well known for their use of artsy colors.

Remember – Practice Makes Perfect

You can never be too prepared for anything. There will be shortcomings in your initial days, but that is part of the learning curve. Each step is important for a fashion photographer, from practicing for the shoot to selecting the right props. You can try to practice photography with your friends and family to get a better hold of the camera and angles. 

Through practice, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way. Even if you fail a couple of times, you will still find your way. As Bruce Weber, a famous fashion photographer, once said, “I like to start out each day from the beginning.”   

Know How Lighting Works  

Lighting is a crucial factor in fashion photography. As such, you need to have the right knowledge about the types of studio lights and when they are needed. Understanding theoretical concepts such as how many lights and what shades to use is essential if you’re trying to bring your vision to life. Todd Anthony Tyler, a well-known fashion photographer, has phenomenal work in photography. His work has also been published in magazines such as Vogue China, Elle China, Harper’s Bazaar China, etc. 

Identify Your Best Work

After you are done with your shoot, take a look at your work and decide which pictures came out the best. The pictures you select will be your hero images. You can add some finishing touches to these pictures if you want as part of post-production. 

It may sound difficult at first, but the first step to achieving something is to start working on it. Once you get some industry knowledge and understand the dynamics of the world of fashion photography, you can go a long way. If you are looking for some advice in the world of fashion photography, follow the work of Lindsey Adler, a portrait and fashion photographer who has also published books on photography. Her work has also been published in Fault, Bullet, Professional Photographer, and various other magazines. 

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